November 10, 2012

Video game-inspired dreams

Believe it or not, a dream I had last night prompted this post. Who would have guessed!

Much of my thought lately has been engaged with Pushmo, because the excitement surrounding Crashmo's imminent release is too much to bear without the comfort of playing its predecessor. Dreams are mysterious things, but I find that anything on my mind, big or small, may find its way into mine. Last night, I dreamed that I was playing the level-1 challenges in Pushmo, and somehow I got to the end without having saved all the children! I got this horrible feeling. How could I miss any of the children in the easiest set of puzzles? When I woke and saw my Nintendo 3DS on the desk, I still had the aching feeling that my Pushmo skills really weren't up to par. Not true, of course, and reality soon caught up to me.

A second Nintendo related dream I had involved The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Before the game came out, I gave it plenty of dream-worthy thought. I read in an issue of Nintendo Power that the game began on Skyloft, with Link training to become a knight. That got me all kinds of excited for some reason. I dreamed of Skyward Sword before it ever released, and it was a sweet dream. The game would literally be a dream come true for me when it finally hit store shelves in November last year.

Ever had any video game-inspired dreams of your own? I would love to hear about 'em!


  1. When I first played Super Mario 64, it would always give me the strangest reoccurring nightmare. I would be sitting in my room, playing Bomb-omb Battlefield, when a pack of Bomb-ombs would climb out of the screen. They always chased me around my house until we reached the front corner of my living room (same corner every time) and explode in my face. But I would always wake up right before the fire reached me.

    Your dreams are much more pleasant.

    1. That kinda reminds me of MY childhood recurring nightmare. It involved a fly in my bedroom that would just keep getting bigger and bigger, flying slowly toward me. Even though there was never any real danger involved, I don't think I've ever since felt such sheer terror. I think there's a movie called The Fly that caused it. I didn't have to see much of the movie to be scarred for life!

      Funny how sensitive young children are.