October 15, 2012

Are boys better gamers than girls?

I'll just tell you what I think right off the bat: boys are generally better at video games than girls. I've seen it time and time again.

I am a girl, and I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. Super Mario World was my sustenance growing up. I beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the first time at a young age, and I have since beaten it countless other times. I played all three Super Smash Bros. games in an abundance during their respective times. And I'm not gonna lie: I work my butt off to be as good at games as I can be.

Why then does my younger brother often trump my own Super Smash Bros. Brawl skills when he doesn't take video games nearly as serious as me? Why also can he beat me at Metroid Prime 2 multiplayer when I've got several hours on him from playing single player?

I have decided that boys are more aggressive than girls, and that's why they tend to have more natural skill in gaming. Many games are reflex- and instinct-driven, and boys just surpass girls in that area, plain and simple. However, there are certain kinds of games that I think us girls have an advantage in. I'm talkin' puzzle games! Girls tend to have more patience than guys, and that suits them to games with a slower pace. And I can't forget to mention dance games. Girls are definitely better dancers than guys...or at least more willing to dance!

Obviously, these are just generalizations. Even though I'm a girl, I love to play all types of games. And if you are a boy who's unafraid to break out the mad skills with Just Dance, great! What I'm saying is that boys are typically more naturally gifted at video games. What are your thoughts?


  1. How old is your brother because I honestly think your brother's skill has more to do with his age than anything. Younger people tend to be better with technology because they have been around it longer; this goes with any medium.

    But thanks for writing this...It gave me something to write about over on my blog.

    1. He's 14. But trust me when I say I've played hundreds more hours of video games than him. Hundreds. I would say more here, but I'm going back over to your blog to finish my thoughts! Thanks for your response!

  2. I hate to admit it Holly, but you're right. I'm going to go and cry in my room now! Goodbye until 2015

  3. It probably depends on the game, but yeah - generally speaking it seems like males tend to fare better. Then again, MOST of the major gamers I know are guys. Now, as I mentioned at the beginning, there are exceptions to the rule. My wife can beat me in almost any non-Mario Kart racing game, even though she plays video games about ten times a year. I can beat her in anything else. My son plays more than either of my daughters, and is between them in age, and wins at everything they do.

  4. I think Chalgyr's comment sums it up perfectly. I think that, stereotypically, boys/men are "better" at video games then girls/women. Of course, you don't see many male fans of Cooking Mama who are willing to admit it, though!

  5. I get my butt handed to me by my girl-friends on a few games.
    No way in heck boys are better gamers. I easily beat pro-gamers in FPS and fighting games - to the point where I'm considered a pro-gamer myself (I'm not, I'm just really good at using strange strategies to trip up expert and veteran players)... But I still have as much trouble with female players as I do with male players.

    In fact, I have trouble more often with female players. But I don't believe it's because they're better than the male ones... there's just an overabundance of male players in competitive games, so the few females that stick around (and "put up with" the sexist comments) are usually the ones that can take the vast majority down a peg. ...so in that sense, there'd be just as much poor female players than male players if there were more women interested in certain game series, or if the competitive sides weren't overflowing with sexist men.

    My gf is an okay-player who gets lucky. But I never once thought that she represented most female players in skill-level.
    But I will say: She's a great ambassador to young girl-gamers who quit games because "they're too hard" or "the boys are really mean when they play it" - because she still plays even when those games are too hard, or when 80% of the guys online are trying to hit on her / babysit her...